A few of these are going to be classic no brainers, but if you haven’t ticked them off your wardrobe essentials list, now is the time to do it.

  1. White Shirt. Well no duh, but seriously if you haven’t found your go to style of this wardrobe favourite, keep searching. Anna Quan is fast becoming a favourite with its statement yet versatile sleeves.
  2. Black Leather Pants. An investment without a doubt, but these will last the better half of a decade and your cost per wear will well and truly be worth it. J Brand delivers every time and especially with this cropped length style.
  3. Gold Hoops. Hoops are always going to come and go, but you always need a statement earring that borders on classic yet stylish to dress up a minimal outfit to elevate it to the next level. Go for a jeweller with good craftsmanship like Natasha Schweitzer, so your jewels lasts the test of time.
  4. A flat slingback. You need a flat closed in shoe that is dressy yet classic. One you can easily wear to work or weekend drinks and feel cool and elegant.
  5. Black Belt with contrasting buckle. You never know when you need a belt. Go for black and with a gold or silver buckle – whichever matches your jewellery/bag hardware ect – and let it shine when styled with a simple jeans and t-shirt ensemble. My tip is to go for one that you can wear on your hips and then put an extra hole so you can also style it around your waist if needed.
  6. Ray-Bans. Everyone should have at least one pair of ray-bans. Find the classic style that suits you – wayferer, club master, round or aviatar. They also look chic and never OTT.
  7. Black Pouch Bag. When you just need something small and simple to throw your phone, cards and keys into, a small black pouch is essential. Comme De Garcon are renowned for theirs, and the quality is second to none.